I Won't Share...My Germs Personal Protection Pak

I Won't Share...My Germs Personal Protection Pak

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This unique personal protection pak comes with 3 comfortable fashion face masks with clear eye shields, disposable gloves, an adorable tote bag and hand sanitizer to make your safety simply.  Feel more confident at the polls, at the grocery story or at a restaurant.

Features includes:

- Reusable plastic tote bag to carry your protective devices

- One pink, blue and black face mask included in pak

- A PM 2.5 filter with 5 layers for each mask

- Comfortable design

- Clear shield

- 10 disposable nitrile gloves (latex-free)

- A 0.5 ounce hand sanitizer (brand based on current supplies)



***Please note, no protection is 100% effective against the spread of potentially dangerous germs so please exercise standard caution.

***Due to the nature of infectious organisms, face masks/shields are not returnable, though a credit can be applied toward other services offered thru this company if you are not 100% satisfied.