Facebook Messenger Chatbots Monthly Subscription

  • Chatbots (AKA bots) are the future of small business technology.  Mobile apps are still absolutely essential, but bots are rapidly gaining steam. With a bot, you can answer your customers' FAQs in real time, showcase your products and services, direct customers to a page where they can make a purchase, and much more!   
  • No need to spend thousands of dollars and wait several weeks to have a bot created for you. Create and publish it yourself one Saturday morning, and update it as often as you like for free.  Our do-it-yourself YouTube video tutorials teach you how, and tech support is always free. 
  • One low monthly subscription fee entitles you to create a 1,5,10 or eve-it-n more bots.  You can even make bots for some of your clients, set your own bot creation fees and keep 100% of the profits so your subscription pays for itself many times over.
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