Marketing your business to millennials may seem very easy and straightforward. However, if you fail to use the right approach, your entire marketing strategy may be futile. Millennials are the demography of the population that were born between 1981 and 1999, and they represent about 25% of the American people. This is the set of people that is majorly spoken to on the social media, blogs, and websites.
Millennials have a significant impact on the economy and are considered as an economic force. They are the target of experienced marketers because of their high buying power. Besides, they are also the most responsive demography to online shopping opportunities and recommendations by family and friends. Furthermore, they are motivated by the conveniences of shopping especially online. They are influenced by what they see on the internet and social media and are easily carried away by a trend.
So, what are the best ways to engage millennials online as a small business or a new business? Here are some helpful tips.
1. Be Innovative
Millennials have access to a lot of information. Therefore, to engage them, you must be creative, innovative, and pragmatic in your approach to show a new perspective on a common problem or task. This demography is infatuated with innovation. So, to market your business to them, you must focus on innovation to engage them.    
2. Use Reviews and Testimonials
Millennials are not very responsive to the traditional marketing strategies; so, trying to engage them with these may be an utter waste of time and efforts. This demography is influenced by pictures they see on Instagram, the recommendations they read on Facebook, and testimonials they read about a product or service. Almost all their decisions are influenced by what they read online.
Consequently, to take advantage of the buying power and sentiments of the millennials and grow your business, focus on reviews, testimonial videos and customer experiences. You will be able to engage them and have endless leads.
3. Focus on Social Media
A great to market your business to millennials is social media. Catch up with them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Share reviews and testimonial videos and watch the list of your loyal fans and customer base grow.
Also, engage them by asking them to share your content with at least five people on their friends’ list to qualify for some incentives such as a 15% discount or coupon.
4. Follow the Trend
Another way to engage millennials is to go wherever they go. They adopt and adapt to latest gadgets and platforms quickly. To market your business, take your business along and head whenever they go. How often do you see a millennial walking down the street unattached to a cell phone? Between texting, talking and watching videos, smartphones are an intricate part of millennials’ every day life. There are an estimated 6 billion text messages sent in the U.S.A. daily and, according to Frost & Sullivan, millennials prefer automated text messaging over IVR, including speech-based solutions. In addition, Digital Marketing Magazine reports that 75% of people want offers sent to them via SMS. Unlike an often-abysmal e-mail open rate of less than 10%, 90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes, so your customers may never see your e-mail offers, but, rest assured they will see your text offers.
The success of your business depends on your efforts. Walk closely with this demography and watch your business grow beyond the predetermined zone. In 2018, SMS texting is a sizzling marketing avenue that can help businesses turn current customers into recurrent customers and build a loyal customer base with ongoing special discounts only available to their opt-in SMS text customers.