Why Tech Treats?

It’s not enough to have a great product or service if you want to compete in the national, or even local market - you need some excellent marketing!  With powerful tools like mobile apps, chatbots, explainer videos, spokesmodel videos and a gorgeous website design you can truly stand out in the marketplace.  TechTreats offers you all of those incredible tools. Want to catapult your business onto the global scene?  We can help!

NEW - Tech Treats, LLC now offers highly targeted Google digital marketing and Facebook ad campaigns.  Call 888-277-7123 for more details.

Business treats

Customized Videos for Businesses

Video is soon to drive the overwhelming majority of internet traffic, so businesses that lack this powerful resource may soon be at a huge competitive disadvantage.   See portfolio.

Video Options:

-Whiteboard/explainer videos

-2D Animation

-Motion Graphics


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mobile Apps

Let us create a mobile app for your business OR create it yourself with NO coding skills. Template based platform used around the world to create over a MILLION apps to date.


Choose from many different templates.

If you can use a keyboard, you an create an app.

Try it out for FREE. Prices as low as $14/month (AppsILike.net - no AI) or $20/month at (MakeAndMarket.App - Free AI)

Free tech support.

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SMS Texting Plans

Let us help you create your own opt-in texting plan for your customers and potential customers. Blast out special, time sensitive offers from your smart phone in minutes.  Call 888-277-7123 for details.


No long terms contracts needed

30 - 60 days of FREE text marketing

FREE creative to boost opt-ins

Full of incentives and free offers

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Website Creation

Your website can make or break your brand.  Why leave it to chance?  Tech Treats can create an impressive website for you in less than 4 weeks  We're done when you're happy. Learn more here.


Request a website as basic or detailed as you like.

Free stock photos and video footage for site.

Free training on how to update your site.

Low cost maintenance plans available.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots

Why have high priced employees do mundane, repetitive tasks, like answering FAQs when a bot can take over this function, freeing up employees for more substantial tasks?


Simple, template based platform. 

No coding needed.

Let us create a custom chatbot for you OR

Create it yourself as low as $75/month

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FREE 30 Minute Marketing Consultation

Take advantage of our complimentary marketing consultations whether you need our services or not.  We're happy to give you insights and suggestions on how to grow your business.


No purchase necessary

Coupon codes issued upon request

Learn marketing trends

Complimentary review of your website

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Customized Videos

Video invitations, announcements and more

Create your own story

We'll animate it for you.

Video slide

Tell your brand's story through video and images

Video Greeting Cards

Add some zest to all your greetings.


We were quite pleased with Myrt’s building of our site, DreamyComfy.com, which helps us bring innovations to the world of sleep and comfort. She provided insights and recommendations that only a very marketing-savvy website builder could offer. I believe TechTreats.shop goes the extra mile to ensure their clients’ success. Thanks again, Myrt!

Victor Beer, Inventor

In my first experience with logo/animation, I couldn't be more pleased with the TechTreats work.  Myrt has remained pleasant to work with, patient with me as we developed the concept cooperatively, and she's been great with tactfully offering positive and creative suggestions throughout. I'm loving the rough-cut, and really looking forward to the final product!

Rob Jones, CEO nuClusiv, LLC

I met Myrt through her meetup group Unleashing the Power of Cutting-Edge Technology and Marketing Services. Myrt expertly produced an 40-second animated video that educates potential clients about my company's products and services. I was impressed by Myrt’s ability to market through social media. That skill often takes years to develop among consulting professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her.

William K. Reid, CEO